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How do I connect with the Korean suppliers on this catalog?

You can contact Korean companies in the following ways:

1. Contact the nearest KOTRA office

If you want to contact a Korean company, please contact the nearest KOTRA office. We have 129 offices in 84 countries. We make it easier for you to engage with Korean companies. We can also provide various information and support during your search for suppliers.

You can find the contact information for the nearest KOTRA office at the link below.


2. Use buyKOREA

Each product in this catalog comes with a link to buyKOREA. buyKOREA is KOTRA's  global B2B online platform where you can contact Korean companies directly or request online meetings. 

Visit buyKOREA to browse through all product listings. 

3. Leave an inquiry on the website

If you find it difficult to contact the nearest KOTRA office or use buyKOREA, please leave a general inquiry or product inquiry on this website. We will contact you to provide assistance.